Rules, Regulations & Policies

For both your enjoyment and that of your fellow campers, please observe these park rules and regulations at all times while staying with us at Spring Rock Camp. Thank you.

+ Payments

Site fees are due in full by May 1. Unpaid fees are subject to a late penalty of $100/month. Customers with outstanding fees will not be eligible for site changes. Any changes to site or dock requirements must be made before park closing. Sites occupied beyond that date are committed to the following season. If trailers are removed the site will be used at Management’s discretion.

+ Noise

Must be kept down after 11 pm. Music must be kept at a reasonable level at all times. Respect your neighbours. No singsongs after quiet time.

+ Visitors

All visitors must be registered  24 hours in advance. Day visitors must be out by 10pm. Management reserves the right to limit visitors. Campers are responsible for visitor fees and visitors’ conduct. Visitor’s cars must be kept in the designated parking areas and will not be allowed beyond control gates. No tents may be erected to accommodate visitors.

Visitors may NOT bring pets.

+ Pets

Pets must be tied or on a leash at all times. Limit of 2 dogs per site. Current vaccination certificate must be submitted each spring. Pets must be kept quiet and may not be left unattended. Your pet will not be welcome in the park if it cannot be quiet. Owners will be instructed not to bring pets that do not comply. Pets are not allowed on the BEACH or in SWIMMING AREA. Swimming is permitted at the boat ramp. PLEASE clean up after your pet.


+ Children

Children are entirely the responsibility of the parents and must obey all camp policies and safety rules. Teenagers must be onsite or in company of parent by 10 pm.

+ Sites

May consist of 1 trailer (12 years of age or newer), 1 deck with railing or manufactured Add – a -room (not to exceed size of trailer), 1 registered vehicle, 1 metal or plastic shed (max. 50 sq. ft.), and 1 outside fridge. ALL CONSTRUCTION SUBJECT TO MANAGEMENT APPROVAL. Sites must be kept neat & tidy. No tents other than dining tents or screened gazebos.

+ Vehicles

ONE registered vehicle allowed per lot. ALL others must be kept in designated parking areas.

Vehicles may be operated by licensed drivers only.

NO A.T.V.’s, trail bikes or golf carts.

Please obey posted speed limits, entering, exiting and within the park.

+ Campfires

Campfires must be attended at all times or put out. Fires must be kept low in dry weather. One fire pit per site.

+ Trees

No littering, defacing trees, buildings or other camp property. No nails in trees. Trimming is permitted with permission. Please remove clotheslines in fall.

+ Water Usage

Well water should not be used for washing cars or trailers, or for lawn watering. Please use lake water. Please don’t use soaps or shampoos in the lake.

+ Firearms & Fireworks

Absolutely no firearms (B.B., pellet, CO2 guns included). Absolutely no fireworks.

+ Glass Containers

Please do not carry glass containers throughout the park, in dock or beach areas.

+ Boat Storage

All boats (except canoes) must be tagged and stored in designated area. No boats may be stored on sites.

+ Soliciting

No person shall solicit or invite subscriptions or offer goods for sale without park permission.

+ Sales

Items sold in park are subject to a commission fee :

  • 10%

A listing fee of $100 will be charged on trailer sales (non refundable). Site fees must be paid in full prior to listing. Site locations are non-transferable. NO “FOR SALE” signs to be posted. No unit over 12 years of age may be sold in the park

The campground assumes no responsibility for loss through fire, theft, collision or otherwise; including moving of trailers with camp equipment.


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